Do I need to Book?

The simple answer is NO

We’re a ‘Pay & Play’ golf course which means exactly that.

You turn up, you pay and then you play to your hearts content.

However, we do recommend that you call ahead if you need to book one of our  buggies.

Do I need to hold a handicap certificate?

No.  We get single figure players and total beginners at Silver Birch and treat them both the same. Everyone is welcome.

What is the ‘Dress Code’ at Silver Birch ?

Our ‘dress code’ is simple, we prefer you to be dressed than not !!! 

Yes, jeans are acceptable, so are shorts, t-shirts and even trainers.

We welcome customers who are still in their working clothes, be that overalls or shirt ‘n tie, who fancy a game of Golf before they go home for tea. 

We do not allow – football boots or heels because they damage our precious Greens.

Buggy Hire